Friday, October 17, 2008

Top Ten Parties or Party Spots

I would like to get a thread going on the best places to party in the BVI. The Full Moon Party at the Bomba Shack has to be first on any such list, so we'll just give them a special exemption as permanent #1... So what is next on the must do Party List?

Rumor has it that there are signs prohibiting jumping (with or without clothing) from the upper deck of the Willie T... who knows something about this? The Willie T (the home of the Shotski) in the Bight at Norman Island is in my top 5...


robert said...

i am head to the BVI in a few weeks! im trying to plan the trip a bit. could any sailor tell me if it is a reasonable sail from virgin gorda north sound to cane garden bay around the north side of tortola. im not sure if its too long a sail for a day. or could you stop for a snorkel at monkey point along the way?
many thanks.

Nautical Bob said...

Robert... It is a long sail, but if you have decent winds it should be a broad reach or run and there will be time for lunch at Monkey Point or Lee Bay.

Jonathan said...

Full Moon party at the Bomba Shack just sounds like an awesome party! That has to be a part of one of the best Caribbean Vacations in the BVI.

diaster said...

We hit the British Virgin Islands bare boat scene regularly, here is our itinerary
(sat)Fly into st Thomas
Hit Love shack that night

(Sun)Ferry to Road Town next am
Pickup boat at Nanny Cay
overnight at The Bight/Willey T

(Mon) overnight at Jost Van Dyke

(Tue)provision at Sopers hole, noon drinks at the Jolly Roger
overnight at Cooper Island

(wed)overnight at Spanish Town (The Rock Bar)

(Thu)Overnight Bitter End Yacht Club.Levrick bay

(Fri) overnight Willy T

(sat)Overnight at Road town marina

(sun)Overnight Soper's Hole

(mon) Overnight at Jost van Dyke
(tue) turn in boat overnight St Thomas

(wed) fly home
My experience, Norman Island's The Bight and the Willey T plus Jost Van Dyke's Foxy's, are the best Party spots.

Jost Van Dyke's Soggy Dollar bar, Ivans Stress Free bar (Site of Kenny Chesney No Shoes video)and Sidney's Peace and Love are great day and early evening hangouts.
The Rock in Spanish town is a great restaurant and Levrick bay plus bitter end have okay parties but are great settings.
The full moon party at Trellis bay is Family Friendly and the Bomba Shack is hard to get to and has died out a lot.

Jolly Rogers
is also a decent night spot if you stay in Sopers hole